What Makes Voodoo Special?

by onezero
2 years ago

Voodoo is an AI Powered Visual Test Automation Software. That automates anything you see on the screen of computer. Test web and desktop application with confidence. Easily design end-to-end visual and functional test flow in a minute.

Visual Functional Test
Create complex and end-to-end automated functional test with Record & Screenplay capabilities. No coding required.

Visual Regression Test
Visually compare the baseline and actual interest points on web and desktop applications. UI with smart comparision algorithms.

Visual System Test
Run third party applications and test external systems. For instance, check web services using SoapUI or ping servers over CMD.

Scheduled Tasks
Create test plans and bind your scenarios. And let robot know when to run test plans and who to send feedback.

Notification and Reporting
Real time have notice of test result summaries over e-mail, get analytic reports and track your test plans in detail over console.

What Are The Benefits?

Time = Do somethings as fast possible as computer let. Thus, save your time.
Cost = Preserve team’s workforce. Thus, decrease operational costs.
Quality = Conduct repeated tests with same self sacrifice. Thus, increase quality.

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