Visual and Functional Testing

Voodoo is not just a regression test tool! End user testing before production need to verification of visual and functional requirements. Using Voodoo test automation tool every sort of test process can be conducted.

End to End Test Flow Design

Voodoo can be used in production environment thanks to comparing interest points on UI not whole page. And, design scenario to test the flow of application from start to finish whether that is working expected or not.

Record and Run On Desktop

Voodoo runs locally on tester computer or test station. With that, you can safely operate on intranet network. Just, let Voodoo to record your screen process, design your screenplays, create test plans and schedule.


Voodoo holds all your sensitive data, i.e. login password, secret key, critic texts  using foolproof symmetric  algorithm. Besides, Voodoo run on local thus you can not let leak out your data to internet. Also, all actions Voodoo do are auditable.

How Does Voodoo Work?

Voodoo automate anything you see on the screen of computer. Test web and desktop application with confidence. Easily design end-to-end visual and functional test flow in a minute.

Record and Screenplays

Start Voodoo screen recorder and perform your daily test procedures. After finish it, test screenshot records will be ready immediately and chronologically. Then, design your test scenario’s steps by selecting  screen frame and adding related actions for example open browser, start application, fill input box, check box, click button, send special keyboard input, compare UI region, OCR-and-evaluate text and other lots of action that what human being do.

Create Test Plans and Schedule

Create test plans and bind your scenarios. And let robot know when to run test plans and who to send feedback. Real time have notice of test result summaries over e-mail, for example, which scenario worked, whether steps fail or pass. And, get analytic reports and track your test plans in detail over console.

What Are The Benefits?


Do somethings as fast possible as computer let. Thus, save your time.


Preserve team’s workforce. Thus, decrease operational costs.


Conduct repeated tests with same self sacrifice. Thus, increase quality.

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